29 December 2018



Villacidro, 29 December 2018 – As previously announced, we continue with the news regarding donations by the artists who participated in the last edition of the Marchionni Prize and the “Do You Re membrandt” exhibition. Already in 2016, Nicola Pellizzaro, a Venetian artist, had donated a work that has since been part of the Magmma collections; it was one of the first donations, and since then more than fifty have been received by our Museum.

In the last edition, the 2018 edition of the Marchionni Prize, Nicola Pellizzaro arrived in the final and was among the twenty artists who won the prize for traveling exhibitions in Urbino, Palazzo Collegio Raffaello, and Bologna, at the Cà La Ghironda Museum. . On this occasion, the artist informed us of his intention to donate the work “Work”, an acrylic on canvas measuring 90 x 100 cm. Thanks Nicola.

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