11 January 2019



The 2019 edition of the Marchionni Prize and the Rossopassione Prize has been defined. With the entry of new institutional partnerships that will make it possible to broaden the offer of the Prize, as already announced in a previous article, to the great Manet exhibition, the total cost of the operation amounts to approx. € 50,000.00 (2 cash prizes, two exhibitions in Milan in a prestigious gallery for the winners, 2 exhibitions in Bologna and Urbino for 1 month, Manet exhibition for two months, in addition to the Magmma Museum exhibition). As is known from the 2019 edition of the Prize, the Artistic Direction and the Scientific Committee that makes up the Award Jury, has included as a further prize the possibility, for 20 artists chosen among the participants of the Award, to be included in the Manet exhibition project Etchings: The Alfred Strölin Edition of 1905 already present at the Raffaello Museum in Urbino ( and later in the venue of the Ministry of the Republic of Malta, by the Department of Art and Art History, Faculty of Arts, University of Malta and The Arts Council Malta. ( – /)

Moreover, after the positive experience of the 2018 edition, the Rossopassione Prize is included as an independent special section, in addition to the two sections of Graphics and Painting, in such a way as to widen the artistic offer and create a single event.

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