Scelta marchionni rosso

Prize 2020
The 2020 edition of the Marchionni Prize alsoincludes, in the special section, an award that will link the selected artistst an important event on the exhibition of a great author from the past. Infact, in 2020, in partnership with the Cà la Ghironda Museum, the project”Alla corte di Goya” will be held. The 2019, as known, had EdouardManet as its protagonist with  The AlfredStroilin collection  presented in Olbia in the Archaeological Museum. The event was an extraordinary success; stage ofthe main Mediterranean cruises, the exhibition was visited by over 2500 people.The event was an opportunity not only to exhibit Manet’s most importantcollection of engravings in Italy, but also the opportunity for twenty artiststo be the master’s virtual students, in a sort of convivial cenacle.

Marchionni Prize

Graphics // Painting


RossoPassione Prize

Fhotography // Sculpture // Engraving // Graphics // Painting