Terms and Conditions

 Premio Arte 

Art.1 – Graphic Art Category

The MAGMMA (The Marchionni Mediterranean Museum of Graphic Art) Foundation for Aesthetics and Progress, has announced a competition of contemporary art with the aim of promoting and increasing appreciation of Graphic Art. with the term ‘graphic’ as in the ancient Greek word meaning ‘drawing’. “ The adjective ‘graphic’ has always been used generally to indicate drawing; a representation and expression through signs with images that are resolved primarily through signs supported on paper.  This is typical in drawing and printing (engraving) with different representational and communicative objectives differing for each individual work.” (‘Enciclopedia Treccani’).  The principle criteria for the competition will be the quality, originality and contemporary character of the work
The artworks can be made with any media :paper, cardboard, various metals, aluminum, copper, iron, wood, glass etc .. ……  All graphic techniques are acceptable: charcoal, ink, pencil and grease pencil, pastel, chalk, watercolor, gouache, as are the various etching techniques (woodcut, lithography, etching, aquatint, drypoint, linoleum handwriting, mixed intaglio.), screen printing Giclée, computer graphics and offset works performed by various techniques, including acrylic and tempera.  The works accepted into the final selection must be presented in a simple wooden frame and identified on the back in writing (block letters) with: title of the work, name and surname of the artist, technique used and year the work was created.
The overall measurement must not exceed 350cm (base+height).

Art.1 bis – Painting Category

Together with the Graphics competition MAGMMA is also awarding a prize for painting.  The principle criteria for the competition will be the quality, originality and contemporary character of the work.  Works considered in the category of painting will use or manual intervention of oils, tempera, acrylic, industrial paints, graphite, vinyl on any type of support (even preprinted).  Also accepted are collage techniques and multi-material applications.  Paintings must not exceed an overall measurement of cm 350 (base+height).

Art.2 – Condictions and Selection

Entry to the competition implies unconditional acceptance of the Rules and Regulations of the Judges from the Artistic Committee which is expressed on the entry of works to the competition and the awarding of prizes. After a pre-selection, a winner will be chosen from a  final selection of 30 works from each category.  Within the competition there will also be an exhibition event, a published catalogue, a cash prize for each category and the prize of three travelling shows in Urbino, Bologna and Porto Cervo as well as three artist residencies of which two are reserved for foreign artists.  The exhibition of the final works, the voting and awards judging will take place at the MAGMMA museum in Villacidro, Italy between may/June 2017

Art. 3 – Participants

Entry to the competition is open to all contemporary artists irrespective of age, gender, nationality or other distinction.

Art. 4 – Terms and Conditions

Entries must be made by the 28st february 2017 by way of the following: (postal entry dates as postmarked).
.  ON-LINE via the section Competition Entry through Artist Registration
.  For postal entries the documentation must be sent in a closed envelope at the competition entrants expense via the postal service, express courier or by hand and marked ‘ Premio Marchionni 2017 ‘and addressed to:

Via Cagliari, 87

The form for the paper registration can be downloaded from the following link.

Art.5 – Judges and Selection

The selection of the works will be made by an artistic jury composed of six people.  After a pre-selection from the competition entries, the selected artists will be asked to send their work for an exhibition of the final phase.  The number of selected works will be thirty from which the final winner will be chosen.  The jury will at the same time choose the first ten artists ranked in decreasing order and who will be given the special award of the travelling shows.  The costs of transport for the delivery and collection of the selected art works are at the expense of the participants.

Art. 6- Prizes

The prizes are as follows:
Graphic Art:  Euro 2500 (two thousand and five hundred) for the winner
Painting: Euro 2500 (two thousand and five hundred) for the winner
Graphic Art and Painting:  Special prize for the first fifteen classified:* – group show at Museo Cà La Ghironda Bologna (September/October 2017)
Graphic Art and Painting: Special prize for the first fifteen classified:* – group show at  Archivio Galleria Lazzaro Milano (September/October 2017)
Graphic Art and Painting:  Special prize for the first fifteen classified:* – group show at  Palazzo Collegio Raffaello Urbino (September/October 2017)
The cash prize is subject, by law, to a tax of 22%. Cash prizes awarded to the authors of the works are in the nature of work performance.  The winning work will remain as property of the Foundation for Aesthetics and Progress.  All other works awarded with special prizes will remain the property of the artists.
* date to be announced during the final phase of the exhibition of the finalists.

Art.7– SPECIAL PRIZES (Milan, Bologna, Urbino)

The panel of judges will choose 15 artists (for each section), in ascending order, who will participate in the group shows in Urbino Palazzo Collegio Raffaello- Bologna Museo Cà La Ghironda – Milan Archivio Galleria Lazzaro with the award of Special Prize.  The set up and organization of the three group shows will be carried out by the Foundation for Aesthetics and Progress. Transport costs (to and from) together with insurance of the works will be the responsibility of the individual artists.
The above shows,  inclusive of set up, press release costs are the responsibility of the organization.  The art works remain the property of the artists.
At the time of the group shows the Foundation for Aesthetics and Progress will agree any commission on eventual sales directly with the artists.

Art.7/bis– SPECIAL PRIZES (Art Market Fair)

The Jury in agreement with the Artistic Direction will select the first 80 artists in the standings, who will participate at the Art Market Fair to be held at the Museum MAGMMA during the final stage of the award.

Art. 8- Important Dates and Deadlines

28st February 2018: Last Day for Competition Entry.
On or before 31 March 2018:  Announcement of the 40 Competition Finalists (20 per section).
By May 2018 proclamation of the winning works and inauguration of the exhibition of the finalists and Art Fair Market, in Villacidro, Italy, at the “MAGMMA Museum of Graphic Art of the Mediterranean Marchionni”.

Art. 9 – Catalogue

MAGMMA Foundation for Aesthetics and Progress will produce a catalogue with the publication of a work from the first 60 artists in ascending order (30 per category).  The catalogue can be purchased by the participating artists at discount.  A free copy will be given to each of the finalists.

Art. 10 – Entry fee

Entry fees go towards the organization of the competition.  The entry fee for the first work entered is Euro 32 and for each subsequent work Euro 15.  The maximum number of works is three.  For artists under the age of 25 there is a reduced entry fee of Euro 20 for the first work submitted and Euro 10 for each subsequent work.  Artists under 25 are obliged to send a photocopy of their ID card at time of entry, together with the other material (image files etc.) or by email to info@premiomarchionni.it  Each work must be accompanied by a new entry form.  Submitting more works the payment will be cumulative.  Payments must be made in Euro and free of bank taxes or conversion fees.  Entry fees are not reimbursable.
Payments can be made:
– On Line with credit card: PAY PAL
( if the credit card is not in the artist’s name please inform us via info@premiomarchionni.it stating the cardholder’s name and the artist)
– By Bank Transfer
Banco Posta, filiale di Villacidro
IBAN  IT 37 S 07601 04800 001024812271
made out to: Fondazione Estetica e Progresso
payment ref: PREMIO MARCHIONNI  2016, with artist’s name and surname.

Art. 10 bis – Entry fee

Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous art. 9, the artist who enters one or more works in one of the two categories (Graphic Art or Painting) is able to enter ONLY ONE WORK in the other category, WITHOUT AN  ENTRY FEE PAYMENT (see entry form)

Art. 11- Liability

The Foundation Aesthetics & Progress, Provides Maximum care and custody of the works, ensuring with special insurance any theft, vandalism or fires  during the phases of the Event to the exclusion Transport A / R..

Art. 12 – Permission

Each participant expressly authorizes the Foundation for Aesthetics and Progress and their legal representative to process the personal data transmitted pursuant to law 675/96 (‘Privacy Law’) with subsequent modifications D.Igs 96/2003 (Privacy Code), as well as for the purposes of their inclusion in data banks managed by the aforementioned persons.  Each participant in the competition freely allows the Foundation for Aesthetics and Progress and their legal representative the rights to reproduce the works and texts entered for the competition for the purpose of the preparation of any catalogue, any publication on the competition website and for other forms of communication, promotion or organizational activity.  The material submitted for competition entry will not be returned.  The competition organizers will have the final decision regarding all matters otherwise unspecified in this announcement.  The competition organizers reserve the right to make variations to the announcement if necessary

Furthermore, the Artistic Management uses consultants:

Elvio Marchionni – Artista – Spello (Pg)

Pino Polisca – Artista – Professore Istituto d’Arte (Pd)